MAGIC ROLLER in Impendle, KwaZulu-Natal for sale


Product Description
These Magic hair curling tubes are perfect for creating gorgeous curls, texture, style whenever you need.
1. Wash your hair as usual but leave to about 40% dry
2. Section your hair into 12 sections (or upon your preference)
3. Slot the wand into the tube (can turn the tube either way to create clockwise/anticlockwise wave)
4. Use the hook to grip hold of the section of hair
5. Slide it down the hair section gently
6. when done, blow dry for 30 minutes (or if possible, leave the hair in the tubes as long as you can)
7. Remove the tubes gently and off you go to your brand new hairstyle!
8. Hairspray or mousse can be used for longer hold.
Each pack contains 12 colourful tubes (colours may vary) and a wand. An instruction is printed at the back of the packet so you will never lose it!